Cecily of York

Cecily-of-York-WEB-ONLY01-320x466I’m off to York today, so here’s an appropriately themed sweater, by Jade Starmore.  I have a big greenish-brown cabled sweater that I like to wear on holiday (pictured below): this pattern would give you a much more elegant version of the same thing, and in the gorgeous colours of Alice Starmore yarn.  See you on Monday!



Zigzag on the hem


© Arnardur Halldorsson

To finish off the week’s zigzag theme, here’s another gorgeous Hélène Magnússon design: the Klukka Skirt from her book Icelandic Handknits(2013). Yes, I know it’s not technically a sweater, but knitted skirts are a special passion of mine, and I will write more about them on the blog soon.

*Note on bookselling websites.  I do not use or recommend Amazon (this excellent article by my friend Sarah gives some of the reasons why) so when linking to titles of books I mention on the blog, I will use hive.co.uk (a UK-based e-tailer that pays its corporation taxes here, and gives a kickback to local independent bookshops) or other, more ethical alternatives to Amazon.